Download from this page each VANNI and DERAPAGE collection press release.

    The Molecube: the essence of design
    The DERAPAGE Tornado Super light chassis (SLC) holding the bends
    Sun by Derapage: from glorious past to future

    The new VANNI collection 2018: the perfect combination of materials and colour
    Colours by VANNI: our take on colour
    The VANNI Combi VANNI combinations of metal and acetate have never been this close
    The shape of good taste
    MiniVì by VANNI Small is wise
    VANNI Monochromo
    The VANNI PIXEL distilled multicolour: our classic exclusive is primary
    SPIRIT by VANNI, 10 years of history in 1 pair of glasses
    Tangram Luxury di VANNI. Wisdom is in the eyewear.
    VANNI TMT VANNI presents the thinnest acetate eyewear in the world
    WIRED BY VANNI connected and WIRED
    VANNI & KRISTINA TI womenswear meets eyewear

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