The essence of a person is in their look. Since 1987 Nico-design has been brightening the definition of that look by designer eyewear. To see better – and be seen.

A lifelong passion

The firm of Nico-design is an offshoot of the Vitaloni family’s Turin motorcar business. That dated from 1929 and owed its origin to Giovanni Vitaloni whose manufacturing output hinged on rearview mirrors. Fifty years on, a second generation of Vitalonis harnessed that technology and manufacturing experience to a start-up company, Nico-design. From looking backwards through car mirrors, to looking forwards through glasses. This apparently simple shift of perspective gave rise to the first DERAPAGE collection and, some few years later, to the brand of VANNI. Since then Nico-design has gone from strength to strength in creative eyewear design, and now that the third generation is firmly at the helm, has become a world design leader, with a rich range of models and fashion proposals.

Nico-design today

Nico-design has long been the only eyewear manufacturer in the Turin area, and has spent twenty-five years consolidating its two brands - VANNI and DERAPAGE – on the market. The in-house style centre is the creative heart of the new collections, the place where each model is first conceived, then prototyped after in-depth study of materials and assembly techniques to improve eyewear comfort. Next comes style, as unmistakably Italian as the original brandname: the focus is on fashion trends, which sometimes we surpass, sometimes we harness in an original blend – timeless as all real taste is timeless – an interplay of colour and texture, sophisticated yet stopping short of eccentricity.
Our dedication to precision is absolute. Attention to minute detail, impeccable product quality, proud standard-bearers of Made in Italy around the world. Nico-design does indeed reach out across the world: with sales outlets in over 40 countries, this is a daily part of our life.
But we are still true to our origins: it is Turin that hosts our first and only showroom VANNI. A tribute to this hard-working city.

International recognition

Silmo d’Or
Good Design Award
Eyewear of the Year