Privacy Policy

Kind visitor, here following they describe the formalities of management of the site web in reference to the treatment of the personal data of the consumers that they consult it.
NICO S.R.L. with legal center in V. Giacinto Collegno 46bis. 10138 Turin, C.F./P.Iva 05390870011 (subsequently "Titular"), as titular of the treatment, it informs to the senses of the art. 13 Ds.Lgs. 30/06/2003 ns.196 (subsequently "Code privacy") and of the art. 13 rule UE n. 2016/679 (subsequently "GDPR) that its data will be essays with the formalities and for the following finalities:


The optional, explicit and voluntary dispatch of mail electronics to the address suitable mail on this site involves the following acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary to answer to the applications, as well as of the possible other personal data.
Only previous Your specific and separate consent (art 23 and 130 Code privacy and art. 7 GDPRs) for the following finalities of marketing:
- to send her by e-mail, posts e/o sms e/o you contact telephone, newsletter, commercial communications advertising material e/o on products or services offered by the Holder and survey of the degree of satisfaction on the quality of the services, or to invite her to specific events for presentation of goods and services offered by the Holder or other events.
We signal her that if it is already our client, we can send her commercial communications related to services and products of the Holder analogous to those of which it already has used, except Your dissent (art. 130 c.4s Code Privacy)


The treatment of Your data personal, both papery and electronic, is realized through the suitable operations to the art. 4 code Privacy and of the art 4 ns. 2 GDPR: harvest, recording, organization, maintenance, consultation, elaboration, modification, cancellation and destruction of the data. The Holder will treat the personal data for the necessary time to carry out to the finalities of which above and however not over 10 years from the date of cessation of the relationship.


Your data accessible can be made for the finalities:
- To employees and collaborators of the Holder, in their qualities of entrusted inside responsible e/o of the treatment e/o system administrators
- To third (to indicative title, society of subfornitura of goods and services, professional studies, advisors, etc) society that develops activity of outsourcing on behalf of the Holder, in their quality of external persons responsible of the treatment.


Without necessity of express train consent (ex art 24 lett a), b), c) Code Privacy and art. 6 letts b) and c) GDPR, the Holder can communicate your data for the finalities of which art 2.A) to organisms of vigilance (what IVASS), Judicial Authority, to society of insurance for the performance of services assured you, as well as to that subjects to which the communication is obligatory for law. Says subject they will treat the data in their quality of autonomous holders of the treatment.


The personal data are currently preserved on server situated inside the European Community. Whereas it made him necessary, the Holder it assures since that the transfer of the data will happen in conformity of the dispositions of law.


In your quality of party, it has the rights of which to the art. 7 codes Privacy and art. 15 GDPR and precisely the access rights, rectification, cancellations, limitations, portability of the data as well as of opposition for legitimate motives to their treatment. The applications must turn to the Holder of the treatment.
It will be able in any moment to practice the rights sending:
- A registered letter R.R. to Nico srl. Via Giacinto Collegno 46bis - 10138 Torino
- A mail to the address


The Holder of the treatment is NICO SRL with legal center in Via Giacinto Collegno 46bis. 10138 Turin.